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Style Commandments: Part Un

You know all of those style tips and tricks you see in fashion magazines? Or ten tips you've pinned on style board on Pinterest but forgot about? I hoard them. If it's on paper, I tear it out and hoard it. If it's pinned, it's copy and pasted into a GoogleDoc. What has resulted is a scrapbook of sorts with both repetitive and unique style guides. So rather than throwing them at you all at once, I'm going to release my style commandments five at a time. People don't like to read that much anyway, am I right?

Style Commandments: Part Un

1. If you have a pet (especially one that insists on sleeping in the closet) hang your clothes inside out to avoid their hair leaping onto your garments. And in the event that rogue hairs do make it onto your ensemble, always keep a lint-roller (I have minis) in your bag.

2. Found a piece of clothing you love, but not in your size? The best items of clothing are the ones tailored exactly to your body anyway. Find a great tailor, and you’re one step closer to have better clothes. The next time you lust over a shirt that's two sizes too big, don't fret--it's still meant to be!

3. Only show off one major body part, especially in the office. If you’re showing off your legs, keep the arms more subdued. If your neckline is lower, keep everything more moderate. And I can't believe I'm about to type this next line--DO NOT listen to Vogue. Cleave is never out of style.

4. If your closet is neutral heavy like mine, accessorize your lips, nails, bags and shoes with a pop of color. Nothing looks better than all black with a bold pink (or red! or purple!) lip.

5. Find the silhouette for your body type and go with it. I have a Marilyn-esque hourglass shape; one that’s difficult to dress in this day and age. Neither low-rise nor high-waist are my friends, and shift dresses are more garbage bag-like on me than anything else. So when I finally realized my frame was more fit for a cinched-at-the-waist look that flattered my smallest feature and hid my "waste of childbearing" hips, I never turned back.

What are your style commandments? I must hoard all of them.

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