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Father (usually) knows best

I remember being a little girl playing with my dad’s motorized tie rack in my parents’ closet. The plethora of patterns and colors mesmerized me, and the silky textures whisked by my cheek. To me, my dad was a superhero, and his ties were part of the uniform.

Chuck lookin' fly after a long day at the office. Most likely wearing a suit from Phillips.

I recall a few Saturdays, after a daddy-daughter trip to the library and a pitstop for a muffin, we’d make a trip to Phillips, a menswear store that was near our old house in a different ‘burb. Our move couldn’t keep my dad away from the suits and tailoring he so admired, and he’s been loyal to them for over 25 years.

The other day, I spoke to him on the phone excitedly about a new job prospect and made the mistake of ending with--"to top it all off, the dress code allows for jeans! I’m in heaven.” This prompted the ultimate Dad lecture; draconian and unrelenting, releasing some bottled up frustration that had clearly been stewing.

He sighed, I clenched: "I get the coffee shop lifestyle and the ping-pong tables in the break rooms that you all want these days, but I’ve been doing this for over forty years, J, and I just think it’s a cop out. I dress well every day even though I don’t have to and I look better than a lot of the slobs I have twenty years on. And it makes a difference. People notice it. I look sharp. You’ve got to dress for the job you want.”

And he was right, dammit. In Dad terms, he hit the nail on the head.

Chuck and Barb before the Paul McCartney concert. Barb did Rent the Runway, Chuck is in his signature Tommy Bahama gear.

I may give my dad flak for some of his more questionable non-office attire*, but when it comes to his old-school styled suits and ties, he's always looking classic, crisp and oh-so professional.

Not many girls can count their dads as a fashion inspiration, but I’m lucky to count ol’ Chuck as one of mine. He gives me great life, love, and now, who knew? fashion advice on a regular basis, and little did he know--inspired my next blog post. Stay tuned for reasons why you should always dress up for the job, despite the dress code.

*No one is perfect. Some of Chuck's worst offenses include the worst of the worst such as:

Heinous madras shorts that belong only on a Ken doll or a caddy who doesn't get a choice

Never appropriate 90s era soccer sandals that should never leave a day camp shower

What may actually be a prop from Newsies--cap/beret/chauffer's driving hat/needs to go

**Note that none of these are shoppable because no one should subject themselves to wearing such atrocities

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