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Pumpkin Spice Not-te

If I haven't told you already, fall is my favorite season. Boots, jeans, sweaters, hot drinks, spiked hot drinks, hot guys, wait..

As much as I love it, there is one fall phenomenon I just can’t get on board with, and that’s the pumpkin spice-a-palooza that’s invading every single aisle of the grocery store. Skinny Pop, Oreos, Potato Chips, Candy Corn!? Wtf. Do y’all not even realize that the PSL from Starbucks is almost 400 calories?

Basic betches unite and distrust me if you will, but I’m not going to get on the artificially pumpkin flavored calorie overload train. We can rekindle our basic love in the New Year. For those of you who don’t disown me, here are some trends I can get on board with: fall fashion.

As you may or may not know, fall fashion week happens in the spring and spring in the fall--Spring 2017 is happening right now--so the fall 2016 trends were predicted by the garment gods six months back. Now we get to put them into motion. Here are some of my favorite fall trends and how to incorporate them into your work wardrobe.

The trend: statement fur

The office way: subdued; on collars, cuffs or boots

Colored, printed and floral furs were everywhere from JCrew to Michael Kors. Keep the cotton candy coats for the weekends and go for little pops of color on your collar or cuff in the workplace.

Weekend vs. Work // Both coats: JCrew

The trend: large and in charge ruffles

The office way: keep it on the sleeve

There's nothing that says party like a big ruffle, and designers like Christian Siriano were boasting over the top ruffles up and down the runway that put Belle's dress to shame. Save the flounce on the bottom for the weekend but go big on the sleeve with a simple silhouette at work. The drama paired with a clean crisp basic color will give the office some much needed edge.

Weekend vs. Work // Skirt: Jill Stuart Sweater: Vici

The trend: mini skirt suits

The office way: add length, keep it classy

The 90s are back and everyone from Tory Burch to Jason Wu showed Hillary Clinton-meets-Clueless power skirt suits in thick textiles like tartan and plaid. High slits and plunging necklines are an obvious no-no for the office, so add some length to the so short minis and strut your stuff--make Cher Horowitz proud!

Work & Work // Tory Burch & Michael Kors

The trend: chokers

The office way: keyholes, neckties, and scarves, oh my!

Everyone's favorite basic 00s accessory is back and it's here to stay through summer long into the cool months. But before you go boasting a tight velvety choker into your conservative place of work, consider an office-appropro version: a pussy bow, keyhole or skinny scarf should do the trick.

Weekend vs. Work // Necklace: J.W. Anderson Scarf: Dior

Bonus trend! Off-the-shoulder continues to dominate closets everywhere

My go-to silhouette isn't leaving garment racks anytime soon and I couldn't be happier. Although you can't wear off the shoulder tops to work--unless you work at home or your job is something cool AF, it is such a flattering top for all body types. Opt for long sleeves or a more wintry textile like suede or velour, and you've instantly autumnized the OTS trend.

Off the shoulder all day everyday // Top and dress from Vici

What fall trend are you most looking forward to wearing?

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