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What Alex Wore To Work

Welcome to the second edition of my new feature, What They Wore to Work! Next up is my DC bestie and fellow UGA alum, Alex Turac. We bonded over our "thou shalt take no shit" mantras, fervent love of wine, and worshiping the sun like it's our job.

She may only be 23, but Alex is wise beyond her years. She's the queen of contouring and Snapchat, rocks her curves like a Kardashian, and loyally has your back like one too. She's engaged, (hey dad!) to a sartorially southern good ol' boy, and the two of them keep me young.

The Snap Queen

We're currently brainstorming our 2016 Halloween costumes, and she's planning my 5 Year Anniversary of My 21st Birthday Party--while also looking forward to a raucous bachelorette bash in Nashville next spring, followed by the wedding to end all weddings come May. Her fashion sense is trendy, sleek and always flattering. Check out her insta @alex_turac for hot bikini pics and jaw-dropping engagement photos that'll make you swoon.

Now for the interview.


By day, Alex is in pharmaceutical sales (think Love and Other Drugs) so her dress code calls for looking hot-yet-professional, while still being comfortable. Wooing clients into making a big purchase is hard enough, but add in freezing doctors offices and long car rides, and you've got a clothing conundrum. But somehow, she makes it work.

WWW: What is your what I wore to work style?

AT: Classic with a pop. I wear the same basics over and over again, but change it up with a statement piece like a printed jacket or blazer. Because I'm constantly going into different offices and having to carry heavy stuff, I like to dress in layers. In the hospital it's freezing, but right now it's 85 degrees outside.

Skirt // Calvin Klein // Jacket // Nordstrom Rack// Top//Nordstrom // Shoes // Steve Madden

WWW: What kind of pieces do you wear?

AT: I like to wear pieces that can be used to make many different outfits. So the base is always the same. But on the weekends, I like to be less conservative and more trendy, so I add on the jewelry and have a lot more fun with it.

I would say this is a little less conservative

WWW: What is your personal style in three words?

AT: Neutrals + statement pieces

WWW: Three go-to stores right now?

AT: Calvin Klein, Chelsea 28 (she's a Nordstrom devotee), and Nordstrom Rack

WWW: Who are your style icons?

AT: For a fresh young professional, Cindy Crawford. She has a simple, luxurious look. She gets the best designer pieces and puts them together, which is what I try to do. She presents herself with such confidence with natural makeup--and she's tall--so I can relate. Plus, she's a MILF.

Shop Alex's look:

Skirt // Calvin Klein // Jacket // Nordstrom Rack// Top//Nordstrom // Shoes // Steve Madden


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