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The Art of the Transition

Fall is my favorite time of year. Now that I’ve begun the transition in my closet by purging the summer clothes I’ll never wear again, it’s time for tights, sweater and booties galore, and I just can’t wait.

But when the weather can be a perfect 72 one day and 90 the next, it’s hard to put everything away for the season--why would I pack away my bikini when I can still extend my tan through Columbus Day? And if you’re a studio apartment dweller like me, then closet space is limited. So once it’s officially end of summer, the non cold weather wearables go under the bed for hibernation.

That being said, I like to keep all of my clothes out and available--I am from Chicago, land of 40 degree temperature changes between Monday night and Tuesday morning--so excuse me for being a little hesitant. In order to keep things seasonally appropriate, I interpret my ensembles, however warm the weather may be, to read fall come mid-September. That means adding accessories, changing the bottoms, and busting out fall colors.

Tights on tights on tights

One of the easiest ways to make your summery shift more of a fall frock? Add tights. Sheer, opaque, lace, patterned, velvet, I could go on and on. Not only will they keep your lower extremities warm, they are slimming and affordable. And they’re not just for dresses. Add tights to your favorite tailored shorts to instantly make them year-round bottoms. Veer on the side of schoolgirl chic and don tights with boots and a mini-skirt.

Layer it on

One of my favorite transition outfits starts with a sleeveless turtleneck sweater and a black mini. To that I can add endless layers: a long-sleeved shirt underneath, tights, socks, booties and a jacket. Never add too many layers that your figure gets lost in the bottomless fabrics. If you have a summer tank that works with the fall wardrobe, add a cardigan. Similarly, if you have a mini-skirt or dress that usually would go with a crop top or warm-weather top, throw an oversized sweater on top and call it a day. One of my favorite weekend looks is denim shorts, a comfy sweater, and booties; there’s only a few weekends each year that has the ultimate temperature for this, so wear it wisely.

Color me autumn

Pantene Think cooler colors for fall: deep and bright blues and purples, emerald and sapphire toned greens. Rather than electric warm hues, go for dusty pinks and mustard yellows, and of course non-stop grays as light or dark as November overcast mornings. My favorite fall palette? The deep reds. Burgundy, oxblood, wine, maroon, crimson or auburn--they are universally flattering no matter the skin tone, and scream cold weather. Check out the fall colors for inspiration.


Just as you mind the colors for cool temps, look at your accessories and beauty routine to follow the falling leaves. Even the most summery of outfits can be fall-ified if you add tights and a scarf. Swap beachy nail colors for dark reds and purples. Seek out richer, warmer toned lip colors and change out your bronzing powder for a rosy cheek.

What are your summer-to-fall transition tips?

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