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What Anna-Marie Wore to Work

Welcome to my new feature, What They Wore to Work! This is where you'll get to see different style aesthetics, body types and fashions from people other than me. Fortunately, I have an endless bounty of oh-so fashionable friends, family and co-workers. I can't wait to share their styles with you!

First up, my BFF and fellow East Coaster, Anna-Marie Hooper. We bonded over red carpet fashion and the resurgence of man buns during the 2011 Golden Globes--which we watched on my bed, with our dogs, in a tiny apartment, in Athens, Georgia--where we both went to school.

I had finally found my fashion counterpart; she understands the "would rather look fabulous than eat well" mantra I go by on my less fruitful days. She can rock every single shade of lipstick put out in the universe, and knows the in's and out's of every fashion house and upcoming label before anyone else I know.

AM recently launched a blog of her own, Beauty and the Feast, a foodie meets beauty site. You can find her on Insta @beautifeast. The tag is "My lip gloss is probably wing sauce," and that should be enough for you to love her.

From adventures up and down the coast, to G-Chats throughout the day about Kenzo + HM, Anna-Marie is my southern sartorial soulmate, and can't wait to see more from her! Now for the interview.


By day, Anna-Marie is a communications planner at a media strategy and communications agency in the Big Apple. Her dress code is, "creative business casual," so she gets some flexibility with her wardrobe.

WWW: What is your what I wore to work style?

AM: I dress to be acceptable for the office, but also comfortable for happy hour. My wear to work style is a little more structured, tailored. Out of work, I'll wear flowy dresses, flowy tops. At work, I'm a little more buttoned up.

Booties // Madewell // Pants & Sweater // JCrew // Jacket // H&M // Necklace // JCrew Factory

WWW: What kind of pieces do you wear?

AM: [her boyfriend shouts in the background: "Black and grey."] Yes, Black and grey. Neutral colors. I’m a big fan of dressing up denim. I’ll wear a nice denim jacket with a dressy skirt. And a chunky heeled bootie is my go to.

WWW: What is your personal style in three words?

AM: Neutrals over everything.

WWW: Three go-to stores right now?

AM: Zara, Show Me Your Mumu, and Old Navy--they have casual things you wouldn't expect to find there.

WWW: Who are your style icons?

AM: Jenna Lyons for work. I feel like she can pull off the tailored look so well. And out of work, the Olsen Twins--they’re my spirit animal and everything they wear is black. That outfit [pictured] is the most colorful thing I own.

Shop Anna-Marie's look:

Booties: Madewell (similar) // Pants & Sweater: JCrew (similar) // Jacket: H&M (similar)

Necklace: JCrew Factory


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