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Queen of the style evolution: my favorite Laguna Betch

Note: to best appreciate this ode to Team Kristin, I suggest you play the best theme song to a reality show ever, by one Ms. Lizzie McGuire.

The year was 2004. TRL was counting down from 'Toxic' to 'Yeah!' and I was a moderately unibrowed seventh grader with braces and boobs I didn’t yet know what to do with.

Survivor and American Idol had put unscripted reality TV on the map, and we yet-to-be-named millennials were drooling over every drama-infused show thrown at us. So it was no surprise when the glamour shot promos of the rich kids of the real Orange County inundated every time slot possible on MTV leading up to its premiere.

The drama laid in place by the producers was already juicy enough for a teen, but it didn’t take long for Myspace and Xanga’s alike to call for our loyalty between Princess Lauren Conrad, and the Queen Betch herself, Kristin Cavallari.

Kristin and her short blonde locks (which I may or may not have rocked in homage) was the IDGAF/RBF sharp-tongued diva of Laguna Beach High, and her choker necklaces and sassy comments made me identify with her in a way that I knew I would unequivocally be Team Kristin from day one.

Though her fierceness as a thou-shalt-not-cross-me badass throughout her years as a Laguna Beach and Hills alum were admirable, it was her post-MTV days that truly elevated her to girl crush status.

Her style has evolved from regrettable high school faux pas I am more than familiar with--frosted pink lip gloss, heinous halter tops, cami undershirts as tops, denim skirts and way too many babydolls--to a sophisticated, chic, grown-up girl next door.

Let’s also not forget the fact that she’s married to haters-gonna-hate Jay Cutler, fellow type one diabetic and Bears fan.

Her closet today brings to mind the words classic, feminine and timeless. She learned the curves of her body and how to show them off. She has her own shoe line that’s adorable and affordable. Still sassy, says what's on her mind, and nabbed the hottie on the block. She's still got that RBF but her style is second-to-none. She may have left the Hills behind, but she never lost sight of who she was. Bow down to Kristin Cavallari Cutler, my main betch of the 2000's and beyond.

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